frequently asked questions


Q.  How many cases does the Bennington County State's Attorney's Office handle each year? 

A.  While the number of cases differs each year, on average, the State's Attorney's Office handles approximately 1,200 criminal cases, more than 150 juveniles cases, as well as post-conviction relief petitions, appeals to the Vermont Supreme Court, mental health cases, and public guardianships. 


Q.  Does Erica review every case the State's Attorney's Office handles?

A.  Yes, mostly as an initial review, which she then assigns each case to a member of her staff or herself to work through the legal process.


Q.  I'd like to have Erica give a presentation to my group.  How can I arrange that?

A.   Simply contact Erica directly by calling (802) 442-8116 during normal business hours.  Erica enjoys helping to educate the public about what she does and problems which face our community.  Erica has done a number of public presentations to schools and members of the community on internet safety, responsible use of social media for kids, and substance abuse issues.  She is available to discuss the criminal justice system and her approach to justice. 


Q.  What are the most serious cases Erica's office has handled?

A.  All cases are serious, but the most serious cases involve loss of a life through the intentional acts of another.  In light of their impact on the community, Erica handles these cases herself.  The following is a list of cases with links you can follow for more information on these case:

State v. Joshua Gould/Christopher

State v. Michael Christmas

State v. Timothy Butler (case remains pending)


Q.  My child/relative/friend was arrested and charged with a crime.  Can I contact Erica and discuss the situation with her?

A.  Yes, you can.  Simply contact the Bennington County State's Attorney's Office at (802) 442-8116 and ask to speak to Erica about the specific matter.  You can contact her before a case if formally charged but sometimes she will only be able to discuss the matter with you after someone has been arraigned.


Q.  Who can attend criminal court hearings?

A.   The criminal court is an open courtroom.  Anyone who wishes to watch the proceedings in criminal court may do so.  Please note there are court-imposed restrictions on cameras and videotaping in the courtroom in some cases.



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